About Iron Junkies

IronJunkies was started in 2018 as a place where people can come to learn everything they need to know about bodybuilding and building muscle.

With over 500,000 visitors per month IronJunkies is quickly becoming one of the most popular bodybuilding websites on the internet.

Our dream for this website is to create a fun and entertaining encyclopedia of knowledge where experts can help beginners build a body they can be proud of.

Bodybuilding seems simple enough..

Lift weights, eat lots and make gains right?

If only it were that simple.

Bodybuilding can be a slow process. You can spend months and years training and still not get the results you want..

Unless you do it right.

Our goal is to make sure you’re not wasting your time in the gym. We want to help you get results by posting content by people who have actually done it!

At IronJunkies.com we post articles by professional bodybuilders, nutritionists, doctors and people putting in the effort to find out what really works.

These are real people sharing information you can use to get results fast.

The Iron Junkies Team

Kevin Rail

Kevin is an internationally known and sought after fitness professional featured in the documentary films, “Fasting” and “The Motivation Factor” by Doug Orchard Films.

He specializes in functional training, core training, three-dimensional movement, motivation and Restorative Arts.

He has a B.S. in Sport Management/Fitness & Wellness and is certified through AFM, ACSM, NASM and ACE.

Kevin featured in the documentary – “Fasting”:

Patrick Dale

Patrick Dale is an ex-British Royal Marine and owner and lecturer for fitness qualifications company Solar Fitness Qualifications Ltd.

In addition to training prospective personal trainers, Patrick has also authored three fitness and exercise books, dozens of e-books, thousands of articles, and several fitness videos.

Patrick practices what he preaches and has competed at a high level in several sports including rugby, triathlon, rock climbing, diving and trampolining and, most recently, powerlifting.

He is also an active personal trainer with a wide number of clients ranging from athletes to average Joes and Janes.

When not lecturing, training, researching or writing, Patrick is busy enjoying the sunny climate of Cyprus where he has lived for the last 15-years.

Here’s a cardio style “Factor5” workout by Patrick:

Kyle Campbell

Kyle spends his weekends climbing, biking, hiking and snowboarding and he spends weekdays in the gym so he can crush it on the weekend.

A fitness plan focused around functional strength and maximised mobility (mixed with lots of recovery) helps him do more and go further.

Jamie Cripps

Jamie has already contributed with a number of fitness related articles and will continue to deliver even more fitness projects, from workout plans, to things you should know in the gym, to much more beyond that.

As well as this, Jamie will also share with you some of his health and nutrition tips, from a 7 day diet plan for losing weight, to what you should eat before and after a workout or a run.

It is great to have someone as knowledgeable as Jamie on board and we are excited for what he has for us in the future.

What interests me the most is the difference it can make to your life and how it can transform you, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

In my boxing days it was mostly about strength and conditioning but these days I love a good HIIT session. There are some great HIIT workouts out there and I have also come up with some of my own.

At IronJunkies we post new articles every week by real people sharing their best tips that you can use to get results.

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