AllMax BCAA Review – Is It A Supplement Worth Buying?

AllMax’s BCAA supplement promises results, but can it live up to these promises? There are hundreds of BCAA supplements on the market that all claim to be the best. However, they can’t all be at the top. In this review, we’re going to compare AllMax BCAA Powder to other BCAA supplements on the market to see if it’s worth your money. First, here are a few claims made by AllMax about their product:
  • It’s designed for athletes looking to gain strength and muscle
  • It’s made from 100% micronized powder
  • It will increase lean muscle
  • It decreases muscle loss
And in this review, we’ll look at the following factors when deciding if it’s the right BCAA supplement for you:

AllMax BCAA Price

At the time we wrote this review, a container of AllMax’s BCAA supplement cost US $30.20 from Each container contains 80 servings. It’s listed on for US $22.78. The price of one container is comparable to the price of any other BCAA supplement. However, most supplements only contain 30 servings. AllMax’s BCAA supplement contains almost triple this amount. On, there are 231 BCAA supplements listed. The average price of these supplements is $0.80 per serving. Because AllMax provides BCAAs without any of the filler ingredients other supplements often have, their price drops to only $0.28/serving (using the price).

AllMax BCAA Product Specifics

Each serving of AllMax’s BCAA supplement contains 5g of BCAAs. Five grams is the standard amount found in most BCAA supplements. Unlike most other BCAA supplements, this supplement only contains the three BCAAs with no other performance-enhancing ingredients added. It uses a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine to valine. The only flavor listed on is unflavored. It avoids using artificial sweeteners that may damage your health.

Ingredients In AllMax’s BCAA Supplement


In the product description, the company says that it can help you gain muscle and preserve muscle while cutting. There’s research backing BCAAs ability to help you maintain muscle while in a calorie deficit (1). However, there’s no evidence showing that BCAAs can actually help you gain muscle. Both the ratio of BCAAs and the total amount of BCAAs in this product are comparable to most other BCAA products.

AllMax BCAA Reviews

There were only 15 customer reviews on this product’s Amazon page when we wrote this review. However, the feedback is mostly positive. It received an average score of 4.7/5-stars. The rating on doesn’t fare as well. It received an average rating of only 6.6/10. The biggest complaint was the flavor. This customer gave it a solid review overall but only 3/10 for flavor. They said that the only way they can drink it is when it’s mixed with something else. They also complained that the container didn’t come with a scoop. This customer left a 10/10 review. She said that you need to mix the powder well, maybe in a shaker bottle because it tends to stick to the sides. This customer said the product was a letdown because of the taste. This customer gave a 9/10 review. The reason he knocked off a point was because the product didn’t come with a scoop.

AllMax BCAA Bottom Line

Overall, AllMax provides the same amount of BCAAs as most other BCAA supplements but rings in at less than half the price. It also avoids using filler ingredients and artificial sweeteners. This BCAA supplement only comes in an unflavored variety. The taste was the biggest complaint customers had with the product. Even if you add Gatorade powder or use an unsweetened drink mix, AllMax’s BCAA supplement still rings in cheaper than most of its competitors. So if money is a factor then this may be a BCAA for you. You might want to mix it with something else to mask the taste though! (Have you tried the AllMax BCAA? Let us know what you think of it below!)
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