Alpha Mars Review – Does It Boost Testosterone?

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Last updated: Nov 28, 2018
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Alpha Mars Review – Does It Boost Testosterone?

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Alpha Mars is a testosterone booster produced by ATP Science designed to elevate your testosterone levels.

The product description on the company’s website says the formula may be particularly helpful for men over 40 years old.

Is Alpha Mars any different from the countless other testosterone boosters on the market trying to get your money?

Alpha Mars review

Quick Review: Instead of providing the exact amounts of each ingredient the makers just give us a “blend” so it’s hard to tell if this product really works or not.

The reviews we’ve seen aren’t exactly positive so we would consider this a basic testosterone booster.

At $60 per month it seems overpriced for what you get.

Unfortunately it’s unlikely that you will see amazing results with Alpha Mars.

When you look at Alpha Mars product page, you’ll immediately notice plenty of scientific jargon and graphs to back up their product.

At a glance, this product may seem like the testosterone booster you’ve been looking for.

But let’s dig deeper to see how it stack ups compared to its competitors.

First, here are the claims on the product page.

The product description says Alpha Mars can block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen via inhibition of aromatase activity.

The company also says that Alpha Mars blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT via 5 Alpha-Reductase enzyme pathways to keep your testosterone levels primed.

In layman’s terms, Alpha Mars will support

  • High testosterone
  • Low estrogen
  • Low DHT sounds

ATP Science also claims Alpha Mars will

  • Support vitality
  • Support immune function
  • Support natural energy production

How to Take Alpha Mars?

Each bottle of Alpha Mars contains 120 capsules (or a one-month supply).

The company recommends taking two capsules twice per day.

They also recommend cycling off for 4 weeks after 12 weeks of taking Alpha Mars.

How much does Alpha Mars cost?

On the ATP Science website, Alpha Mars is selling for USD 59.99 per bottle which works out to about $2 per day.

If you follow the cycling off instructions ATP Science recommends, you’ll be paying closer to $1.50 per day.

This is above average to a little expensive compared to other testosterone boosters.

They offer a 60-day money back guarantee for unopened products.

ATP Science provides free shipping on orders over $150.

Alpha Mars is available from various other online retailers for about the same price.

Alpha Mars Ingredients

Alpha Mars ingredients

Let’s dive into the ingredients to see if Alpha Mars is worth its price tag.

There are five key ingredients in Alpha Mars.

If you’re familiar with other testosterone boosters, you’ll recognize most of them.

Unfortunately, the company lists the ingredients in a proprietary blend, so we don’t know the exact amounts.

One capsule contains about 600mg of

  • Shilajit
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • Nettle Root

Of these, the first two ingredients have the most research to back their use as testosterone boosters.

Research breakdown

Here’s what the research says about each of the ingredients.

  • Shilajit: Shilajit is a tar-like substance found in the Himalayan Mountains. 250mg of shilajit taken twice a day increased testosterone levels significantly in a double-blind, randomized, placebo study looking at adults over 45 (1). Another study found that shilajit increased testosterone levels in infertile men by more than 20% (2). However, this study didn’t use a placebo group so there may be issue with the validity.
  • Tongkat Ali: If you’ve ever picked up a testosterone booster before, you’ve probably seen Tongkat Ali in the ingredient list. As popular as it is, does it actually work? Right now, research says yes, at least in some populations. One study found Tongkat ali had a slight testosterone boosting effect in stressed individuals (3). Other studies also support Tongkat Ali’s ability to increase testosterone in older populations (4, 5). More research needs to be done on healthy, young men.
  • Korean Ginseng: Ginseng has been touted as a libido and testosterone booster in Asian cultures for centuries. If you’re taking Korean ginseng to increase your results in the weight-room, you may be disappointed. Research right now only supports its use as a testosterone booster in unfertile men (6).
  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek is a herb that people have historically used for cooking in Central Asia. It’s another extremely common ingredient in testosterone boosters. Unfortunately, research doesn’t back its use (7, 8).
  • Nettle Root: Limited research on nettle root shows it doesn’t affect testosterone levels (9).

Alpha Mars Reviews

It’s difficult to find any authentic reviews on Alpha Mars since it doesn’t have a or page.

On the product’s website, there are only four reviews.

Of those four reviews, only one is from a verified buyer.

Here’s what that user had to say about Alpha Mars.

The rest of the reviews on their website were positive but take them with a grain of salt since it’s impossible to know if they’re authentic.

Matty R said that he noticed a difference within 3 days.

Cody reports a noticeable energy increase.

Should You Take this Testosterone Booster?

There aren’t enough Alpha Mars customer reviews available online to judge its effectiveness.

Although, research does show Alpha Mars’ first two ingredients may have a benefit for boosting testosterone.

Here are a few reasons you may want to take Alpha Mars


  • Research looks promising on Shilajit
  • Their website looks authentic and lacks spammy marketing
  • Research provided on product page


  • Ingredients are listed in a blend
  • None of the ingredients have definitive research on young, healthy males
  • 60-day money back guarantee only applies to unopened products

Alpha Mars Bottom Line

Overall, Alpha Mars looks like a so-so testosterone booster compared to the competition.

However, we’re going to have to give it a pass.

We like that ATP Science includes Shilajit in their formula and that they use research-orientated marketing.

But there are also some issues that need to be addressed before they get our recommendation.

More authentic reviews from real users would be helpful to judge the results of this product accurately.

Breaking down the ingredient list instead of using a blend would also help us better analyze precisely what’s in it.

Also, even though they provide research on their website, a lot of the research is based on pilot studies on irrelevant populations.

If Alpha Mars were half the price, we would be giving it a thumbs up.

But if you’re going to spend $60 per bottle, you want to make sure you’re buying something proven to work.

(If you’ve used Alpha Mars then let us know in the comments what you thought of it!)

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