Here’s What I Discovered About The Battle Ready Fuel Supplements..

Battle Ready Fuel
(Supplement companies rake in BILLIONs every month selling you cheap, sub-standard products. So when a company like Battle Ready Fuel storms in to change the game, you better believe those greedy faceless corporations don’t want you to know about it…) My name is Jake, and I love lifting weights. But I was fed up pissing away time and money on supplements that were doing jack-all. Then I heard Ollie Ollerton from SAS: Who Dares Wins was releasing his own line of products and a training program called Battle Ready Fuel. So I went “all-in” on a box full of new supplements from the official website here. Was it worth it?
For the foreseeable future, the ONLY supplements I’m buying and recommending are from Battle Ready Fuel.
And when you hear my reasons WHY, you probably will, too.

Something’s Missing..

Have you ever wondered why that whey protein isn’t building your body with lean muscle? Or why that BCAA powder (that’s supposed to crush your fatigue) isn’t doing diddly squat? (I’ll tell you the answer in a second.) Doesn’t it suck that you’re spending all this money on supplements (and time in the gym) and still not getting the results you deserve? I know how you feel. I felt like I was losing the best years of my life – my weightlifting prime – failing to get results I saw others getting…
  • Sleeve-stretching pumps
  • Muscle fibers on display through your skin
  • Clear-headed energy and focus (from morning ‘til night)
  • The deep, muscle-repairing sleep required to pack on more size and strength
That’s what we want, right? So I did some digging…

A Growing Supplement Problem..

Turns out a lot of supplements sellers buy cheap, low-quality (possibly contaminated) ingredients in bulk from China. They package it up a nice little container… slap their logo on it… and sell it to you. Look at the picture below from an Alibaba seller. You can buy whey protein for $1 per kilo if you buy in bulk!

Supplement sellers are buying junk protein for $1 and selling it for $30

But wait. Before you go rushing off to Alibaba to buy your protein for $1 per kilo… …even at $1 it’s still over-priced because it’s made in the ass end of nowhere in some run down Chinese factory with zero quality control. This pissed me off! Because I blew over £1,000 in the last year on supplements without the results to show for it. If that isn’t enough to boil your blood, remember it’s not just whey protein that supplement sellers are buying cheap and packaging up, it’s everything from vitamins to fish oil. So I made a list (that you might want to use for yourself)…

The Supplements I’ll Never Buy Again:

Nothing from China: There’s no accountability. They can (and probably do) toss in whatever they want. How else can they sell it for $1 per kilo? You won’t get results, and you’ll never really know what you’re shoveling down your gullet. I’m seriously afraid of what they could do to my health. No Celebrity Chef-endorsed Supplements: I grabbed a protein bar with a smiling celebrity chef on the wrapper. It tasted delicious. Then I read the ingredients. Screwed again! Way too many ingredients. Most were chemicals I didn’t recognize and couldn’t pronounce. Damn sell-out! No Doctor-formulated Supplements: An American doctor once confessed to me that many of them only get 4-6 HOURS of nutritional education! Not per day or week; 6 hours total! Heck, I learned more about nutrition on a one-night Red Bull binge.

What Buying Crap Supplements Taught Me..

After crafting my list of who I won’t buy supplements from, I had an epiphany… I realized it’s NOT about hunting down individual supplements here and there. You increase your risk of buying junk that way. Instead, it’s the PEOPLE behind the supplements that matter most. Seek out the right people with the right BELIEFS, VALUES and CREDIBILITY first. Then buy your supplements from them. Once you’ve found the right people, you’ve found the right brand. Then, all your supplement decisions become easy and less risky because you’re investing in your body and mind with people you can TRUST.

Ollie Ollerton Takes Aim

We’re not the only ones shaking our pitch forks with fire and fury in our eyes. Ollie Ollerton, star of the hit TV show on channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins, decided enough is enough. With the help of nutrition scientists and sports performance experts, he developed a new line of world-class supplements (along with a community of people like us who want to crush it in life). It’s called Battle Ready Fuel. You’ll be relieved to know…
“Each product is manufactured to the highest quality standards in FDA-approved facilities. All the ingredients are guaranteed 100% pharmaceutical grade.”
That means no imported Chinese sh*t. I love the TV show SAS: Who Dares Wins, and I could feel in my bones Ollie is a man of high standards and integrity. He’s not going to sell out his name or reputation on any B.S. Why not? For one, because the SAS are the British Army’s toughest, most elite special forces military unit.

They’re trained to execute as precisely and perfectly as humanly possible. They’re ready for anything. They never retreat. And they refuse to set limits.

I was so excited. I finally found the right people making a line of supplements I could believe in. Backed by experts and science, Ollie designed Battle Ready Fuel for…

Performance Beyond Limitation

He created a line capable of helping the most demanding SAS operative push through the toughest mental barriers and crush most brutal physical demands. The SAS face more physical and mental punishment than I ever will. And if it’s good enough for SAS, it’s good enough for me. So I felt confident that if he was putting his name and face to these products then they were going to be absolutely killer. So on the Sunday evening when I heard about it I ‘whipped out’ my credit card and decided to check out their website. They had a good deal on so I decided to order the “Build Muscle” stack (and some extras). The stack contains:
  • Whey protein
  • A Pre-Workout
  • Creatine
  • BCAA Powder
  • Multivitamins
  • Fish Oil
It felt good to have one place I could get my supplements from instead of having to pick and choose between the thousands of different faceless supplement companies online. I’m an Amazon Prime member so I’m used to next day delivery but I was happy to get a knock on the door 2 days later with my package… I’ve actually heard through the grapevine that Battle Ready Fuel are preparing to roll out next day delivery to UK and USA customers. So, the real test was do the Battle Ready Fuel supplements actually work?

That Moment When Battle Ready Fuel Kicked-In..

Feeling like a kid on Christmas the first thing I did was decide to concoct a nice little pre-workout drink. I pulled tore open the Pre-Workout (Citrus Burst) and the Creatine and mixed them together and topped it off with a scoop of my new BCAA powder. (I’ll tell you what the BCAA powder did for me in a minute. Talk about a game changer..) The taste: Delicious. I’ve tried some funky tasting pre-workouts in my time but funky, this was not. The Battle Ready Fuel team have really nailed the taste on this one. The moment of truth.. I always take my pre-workout at home and then make my way to the gym to give it time to do its thing. So, I hopped in my little car and poodled my way to the gym. While I’m sitting there waiting in traffic I suddenly felt a wave of energy and focus ‘SURGE’ through me. Usually my mind is a little scattered in the mornings but I had a laser like focus and knew exactly what I needed to do. I didn’t just stroll into the gym, I marched in there with a purpose. (Get out the way yoga moms, this iron ain’t gonna lift itself ya hear..) For the next hour and a half, I had enough energy to power a small country. And the focus I was feeling made sure that I stayed with my mission and didn’t get distracted. I have a habit of checking my phone at the gym. Not this time though. At the end of the workout I hit the showers and it felt so good letting the water wash away all that weakness. That was one of the best workouts of my life. That energy and focus continued even after I left the gym and for the rest of the day I felt like I had some kind of ‘secret weapon’. I topped it all off with a scoop of chocolate whey and a multivitamin. Bon Appetit. ..But the BCAA powder? Have you ever put in a hard workout and woke up the next day feeling like superman just dropped you from a 10 story building? You crawl out of bed hearing all kinds of crackles and pops and your muscles feel as sore as a $2 whore? Well I used to feel like that too. I was always taking days off from training, to recover. But the day after having one of the most intense workouts I’d ever had I woke up and almost sprang out of bed feeling fresh and revitalized. I have been using BCAAs for years and none of them have ever made me feel like this.

Battle Ready Fuel Is ‘Next Level‘ Sh*t

Oh, how much money I wasted on all those old supplements that didn’t do a damn thing. When I saw what quality supplements like Battle Ready Fuel could do, it made me see what was possible. Imagine being able to work out with intensity and focus and get in a killer workout. And then wake up feeling fresh the next day so you can do it all over again with ease. This is the secret to getting the results you deserve. Want to build muscles that pop out of your shirt? You can do it. Want to burn fat and get that lean shredded look women love? You can do it. Whatever you goal is when it comes to working out with the right fuel you can accomplish anything that’s humanly possible. And that’s why I from now on the only supplements I’ll be using and recommending will be Battle Ready Fuel. Because nothing else compares. If you want to fill your body with the good stuff and finally give the finger to those cash sucking faceless supplement corporations who’ve been ‘cheekily’ stuffing their bank accounts with your money, then get your Battle Ready Fuel supplements here because they are on a whole different level.

Battle Ready Fuel – What’s In The Box?

The Battle Ready Fuel – Pre Workout

The Battle Ready Fuel Pre Workout ignites your body with the fuel it needs to light up your workout. Q: What does it do? A: Gives you more energy, focus and bigger pumps.
  • In less than 10 minutes it takes you from “can’t be bothered to workout” to “where the weights at?”
  • You’ll be bursting with so much energy other gym goers will be eyeing you up with a little bit of awe and jealously. (Beware. Even your gym buddies may become a little bit jelly.)
  • You’ll feel an explosive surge of power coursing through your veins, allowing you to lift heavier and train harder. (Every single workout will send you shooting 3 steps forward towards your goal.)
  • Whether your goal is to bulk up, trim down or get shredded it’ll be a weight off your mind to know that you won’t have energy problems holding you back.
  • You’ll train with so much intensity and focus that incredible physical changes will happen and fast. Whether you like it or not you’ll be forced to accept that women are going to start noticing you a lot more.
So get your Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout here (because it will take your workouts and physique to the next level.)

The Battle Ready Fuel – Whey Protein

Protein is essential for muscle growth and repair. Battle Ready Fuel whey protein delivers a concentrated dose of the highest quality protein that’s proven to make your muscles grow fast. Q: What Does It Do? A: Helps your muscles to repair and grow. Why you should take it:
  • Even the douchebag at the gym who’s always trying to mess up your set will secretly be impressed with your gains.
  • It’ll help you quickly build a body you can be proud of. You won’t have to worry whether or not people are ‘sniggering about you’ behind your back anymore.
  • You can give yourself a pat on the back for giving your body the right fuel it needs to grow bigger and stronger.
  • You will quickly build the sort of body that has women ‘drooling’ all over themselves at the mere sight of you. (A recent study showed that 87% of women prefer a man with a muscular physique.)
Get your Battle Ready Fuel Whey Protein here (because it will give your muscles the essential ingredient they need to grow.)

The Battle Ready Fuel – BCAA Powder

Branch Chain Amino Acids are required for muscle repair and growth. Just one post-workout scoop feeds your muscles with rapid repair aminos that minimize soreness, so you can train for hours on end and wake up fresh the next day and do it all over again. Q: What Does It Do? A: Repairs your muscles faster, minimizes muscle aches and fatigue. Why you should take it:
  • Go from ‘too achy to workout today’ to ‘fresh enough to hit the weights harder than yesterday‘.
  • Drop jaws in the gym when you suddenly increase your intensity, yet you never seem to need rest days.
  • Reduce the potential for ‘overtraining’ injuries.
  • Don’t be plagued by that tired ghostly look most bodybuilders have. Repair your muscles fast and emit the healthy glow women love.
  • You’ll be able to train hard and play hard when you get rid of muscle aches and fatigue. (What’s the point of working out if you’re constantly tired and aching outside the gym?)
Get your Battle Ready Fuel BCAA here (because it will instantly sooth your muscles and prime them for growth, so can enjoy the physique of your dreams sooner than ever before.)

Battle Ready Fuel – Creatine Powder

Creatine Monohydrate is one of nature’s little ‘miracles’. If you want to gain 2-4lb of muscle in 1 week, speed recovery and boost your brain power then you’d be a fool not to add a little Creatine to your supplement stack. Q: What does it do? A: Helps you pack on 2-4lbs of muscle in 1 week. Speeds up recovery. Improves focus and alertness. Why you should take it:
  • Amaze the people around you by suddenly gaining 4lbs of ripping out of your t-shirt muscle in one less than one week. (Yep, that’s no typo. Many guys gain 2-4lbs in their first week on this stuff.)
  • Pair Creatine with the BCAA and you’ll eliminate aches and fatigue for good. Just ‘imagine’ the body you can build when you can train as hard as you want and not have to worry about how sore you’re going to feel the next day.
  • A proven cognitive enhancer. You’ll feel so focused and alert it’ll feel like you’ve reached a higher state of being.
Get your Battle Ready Fuel Creatine here (because with just a little scoop added to your pre workout you’ll be shocked at how quickly you pack on the muscle and how much more alert you feel.)

Battle Ready Fuel – Fat Burner

The Battle Ready Fuel fat burner is a new top of the line (cutting edge) supplement to electrify your energy levels, send your appetite into ‘submission’ and incinerate fat while you sleep… Q: What does it do? A: Suppresses your appetite, boosts your energy levels and burns fat. Why you should take it:
  • You’ll be able to stick to your diet without torturing yourself the next time you walk past something tasty. (It just won’t interest you.)
  • No more filling your body with junk. When you’re in control of your appetite you can make sure you fill yourself with healthy nutritious foods and become a pinnacle of health.
  • Ever gone to bed feeling like a failure because you dieted all day and then ‘crammed’ yourself full of goodies in the evening? (Those moments of weakness will be a thing of the past.)
  • Say goodbye to the days of low energy and feeling like you need to take a nap. You’ll feel like you have an unlimited source of energy to train hard and play even harder.
  • You’ll be the guy everyone looks at and says where does he get all that energy from?
  • You will never have to say “I’m too tired” ever again. (Girls don’t want a man that’s ‘too tired’ all the time..)
  • A thermogenic fat burner triggers your metabolism into overdrive so you burn fat and get ripped faster than you ever thought you could.
  • You’ll have people wondering and admiring how you were able to transform your body so fast. (Don’t be surprised if people start trying to pay your for coaching..)
  • Ladies will be clamouring to get your number when you get that ‘chiseled’ muscular look they ‘dream and fantasize’ about.
Get your Battle Ready Fuel fat burner here (because it’s like a secret weapon for obliterating fat, laying the SMACK-DOWN on your appetite and sending your energy levels to the moon.)

Battle Ready Fuel – Fish Oil

Over 100,000 people die every year from omega-3 fatty acid deficiencies. You don’t want to be one of them do you? With hundreds of fish oil supplements for sale online why should you buy the Battle Ready Fuel version? This may shock you. But studies from sites like ConsumerLab have shown that a lot of the fish oil supplements for sale online are a total waste of money. They’re “spoiled” because the quality sucks, they’re packaged wrong, plus some are loaded with brain-killing, organ-poisining mercury! The Battle Ready Fuel fish oil is packaged in and FDA approved facility with only the highest quality ingredients. Q: What does Battle Ready Fuel fish oil do for you? A: Make your skin look baby smooth. Why you should take it:
  • People will look on in admiration at the healthy glow. (You’ll light up the room with your silky smooth complexion.)
  • Polls have shown that one of the biggest ‘turn ons’ for women is clear skin.
  • Never worry about someone taking your picture because your skins not up to standards ever again. (The camera will become your best friend.)
Get your Battle Ready Fuel fish oil here (because it will make your skin the envy of anyone who comes near you.)

Battle Ready Fuel – Liquid Collagen

Collagen powders are ‘old news’. Liquid collagen is where it’s at. Not only does it taste delicious but it’ll revitalize your health and have you feeling like a kid again.. Q: What does it do? A: Improves skin elasticity and soothes joints. Why you should take it:
  • Liquid collagen boosts collagen production in the deeper layers of your skin. (So watch in amazement as those forehead wrinkles get filled in. Don’t be surprised if people start asking if you’ve had work done.)
  • Imagine being able to train harder and not have to worry about whether it’s going to cause you to get arthritis 20 years from now.
  • Your joints will feel so smooth you’ll be able to move around like a kid again.
Don’t skip the liquid collagen. Get yours here (because it will make you look and feel 10 years younger.)

Battle Ready Fuel – Multivitamins

Almost every single one of us are deficient in at least one essential vitamin or mineral. Most health issues stem from a vitamin deficiency which is why no matter what your goal is you need to make sure you’re getting your vitamins and minerals. The Battle Ready Fuel is packed to the brim with all the essential vitamins and minerals you need to not only survive but THRIVE! ..If you don’t take a multi then 10 years from now when the doctors reading your results you may just kick yourself. Q: What do they do? A: Keeps you healthy! Why you should take it:
  • Get a daily dose of health in a pill. (You’ll look so healthy people will constantly be saying oh you look well, what’s your secret?“)
  • You can relax knowing that you’re giving your body everything it needs to keep you alive and well. (Just take your multi and enjoy your day.)
Get your Battle Ready Fuel Multivitamin here (because it’ll top up your health and keep you looking your best.)

Battle Ready Fuel – Nootropic

Never heard of Nootropics? They’re like super vitamins for the brain. A good body is what most of us are here for but with a powerful mind we can accomplish anything. I’m using the nootropic as I write this post. It’s keeping me focused and alert and I’ve already written over 3,000 words in one sitting without getting distracted which says a lot because I usually get distracted easily. Q: What does it do? A: Improves brain function, focus, alertness and productivity! Why you should take it:
  • You’ll never be that guy who can’t think of anything to say. When someone comes at you with a sharp one liner you’ll instantly have the brain power to send one right back.
  • Get your brain working right and there’s no problem you can’t solve.
  • A good body gets you in the door when it comes to women but if you’ve got nothing to say it won’t last long. Words will flow easily to you and you’ll have women stretching their ears to listen to what you have to say.
  • Imagine being able to get more done in one hour than you used to get done in an entire day..
  • Don’t let ‘dick-head’ get that promotion at work. Impress your boss with your focus and productivity and send ‘dick-head’ to the back of the line.
Battle Ready Fuel will help you forge a body to be proud of but don’t neglect your brain because that’s what will take you far in life.. Get your Nootropic here (because it’s insane how much you will start to get done!)

Battle Ready Fuel – Sleep Aid

77% of people don’t get enough sleep. It’s estimated that billions are lost each year due to unproductivity in the workplace due to tiredness. If you’re sick of climbing into bed and then tossing and turning all night hoping your alarm isn’t about to blast you awake then you need to try the Battle Ready Fuel sleep aid. Why you should take it:
  • Your mornings will go from ‘groggy and tired’ to ‘revitalized and ready to conquer the day‘. (A good sleep is all you need!)
  • Never again will you have to worry about whether or not people are talking about your tired eyes. Dark circles will all but disappear with a nice slumber.
  • Imagine being able to get such a good sleep that you wake up earlier ready to start your day. What will you be able to accomplish? (The most successful people in the world get up early while the competition are still in bed.)
Do you find that you wake up feeling sluggish and unable to tell if you really got much sleep? Then get your Battle Ready Fuel sleep aid here (because you’ll finally get the good nights kip that you desperately need.)

 Are You Ready for the Goal-Stomping Mindset, Grit and Performance of the SAS?

Good. Because, like I said, Battle Ready Fuel is about more than supplements. You’re also encouraged to join the movement. There are free and paid levels of access into their tribe. Either way, you’ll be surrounded with like-minded people who are here to support each other as we conquer our goals in the gym and in life.

Final Thoughts About Battle Ready Fuel

If you’re sick of pissing away money on crap or mediocre supplements, Battle Ready Fuel will be the new holy grail line-up you’ve been looking for. Try a few of their products to prove it to yourself now. Or dive in like I did and treat yourself to a full arsenal of Battle Ready Fuel today. Your muscles, energy, performance, and quality of muscle-repairing sleep will never be the same. So get your Battle Ready Fuel supplements here and take your mindset and physique to the next level.
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  1. I watched all the seasons of SAS who dares wins. Love it. Can’t wait to get my battle ready fuel supps.

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