BCAA 2200 Review – Should You Buy It?

BCAA 2200 by Met-Rx is unique compared to most other BCAA supplements. Instead of coming in powder form, it comes in softgel capsules. Consuming softgels means no more spilling powder or unmixed clumps in your shaker bottle. If you’re looking for a BCAA supplement that’s quick and convenient, BCAA 2200 might be for you. BCAA 2200 has close to 2000 reviews on Amazon. In this review, we’ll compare BCAA 2200 to its competitors and see if customers are happy with this product and if it’s worth your money. We’ll cover the following aspects of the supplement:

BCAA 2200 Price

A bottle of 180 capsules of BCAA 2200 was selling for $20.38 when we wrote this review. According to the container, you should take four capsules per day. A bottle should last you 45 days at this dosage, and you’ll pay about $0.45 per serving. This makes it one of the cheapest BCAA supplements on the market. On Bodybuilding.com, there are 231 BCAA supplements listed. The average price is $0.80 per serving. BCAA 2200 rings in cheaper than 80% of these supplements. However, is it actually as cheap as it seems? Let’s look at how many grams of BCAAs are in a serving.

BCAA 2200 Product Specifics

Most powder BCAA supplements contain about 5g of BCAAs per serving. Four capsules of BCAA 2200 contains only 2.2g of BCAAs. You’re going to have to take 10 capsules per day to get 5g of BCAAs. If you have to take 10 capsules per day, this effectively raises the price to $1.13 per serving, well over the price of the average BCAA supplement. Each serving contains 1.2g of leucine, 500mg of isoleucine, and 500mg of valine. This ratio is similar to most BCAA supplements. Besides BCAAs, this supplement also contains vitamin E and vitamin B6.

Ingredients In BCAA 2200

  • BCAAs: Like most BCAA supplements, BCAA 2200 contains more than double the amount of leucine as valine and isoleucine. Research consistently shows leucine is the most powerful BCAA (1, 2). However, leucine taken along with the other BCAAs is more effective than taking leucine alone.
  • Vitamin B6: Each serving of BCAA 2200 contains 16mg or 941% your daily value of vitamin B6. There’s no compelling research showing that there’s any reason to take a vitamin B6 supplement as a workout enhancer.
  • Vitamin E: Each serving of BCAA 2200 contains 3.5mg, or 23% of your daily value of vitamin E. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that reduces cellular damage. It may boost your immune system (3, 4).

BCAA 2200 Reviews

The reviews for BCAA 2200 on Amazon are fairly positive overall. It received an average rating of 4.2/5. Eric says that he likes the convenience of taking tablets compared to taking a powder. However, he says the tablets are a little large and that you should take them one at a time. Mike also disliked the size of the pills. He gave a 2-star review because he couldn’t get past how hard they are to swallow. Christo says that he feels like buying a powder BCAA is a better option. He says that you’ll likely blow through the capsules quickly. Robert says that taking BCAA 2200 helps him recover faster after his workouts. He takes them on the way to the gym, but he also mentions that they’re a pain to swallow.

BCAA 2200 Bottom Line

Overall, we can’t recommend BCAA 2200 to you. At a glance, this product seems to be significantly cheaper than most BCAA supplements. However, the amount of BCAAs in each serving is less than half of what’s in most BCAA supplements. Even if you like the convenience of taking tablets instead of powder, most customers report than BCAA 2200 tablets are too large. (Have you tried BCAA 2200? Let us know what you think of it below!)
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