BCAAs and Creatine – The Perfect Pair For Building Muscle?

If you’re serious about getting real results from your workouts, Creatine and BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) should be at the top of your list of supplements. Taken together, they can help boost your athletic performance, improve recovery time, and increase muscle growth. You could say this dynamic duo is a triple threat! Why would you ever need to take any other supplement? BCAA and Creatine got you covered. Here’s how they can help you achieve phenomenal results:

Better Performance

A study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition revealed that when participants took BCAAs vs. why protein, they showed improved strength and energy between workouts. During the study, subjects were split up into two groups: one received BCAAs, the other whey protein. All subjects completed the same eight-week training program. At the end of eight weeks, each participant was tested on the bench press and barbell squat. Results showed that the group who took BCAA outperformed those taking whey protein. (1) And let’s not forget creatine. Other studies show that taking a creatine supplement increases strength by up to 20 percent. Some participants even experienced a 45 percent increase in their strength levels. (2)

Increased Muscle Growth

Taken together before a workout, BCAA and creatine work their magic, helping you increase hypertrophy, ensuring you achieve the microtears that are necessary for maximum muscle growth. What are the different BCAAs and how do they work? Leucine is known as the superstar muscle builder. Although there are several benefits to taking leucine, its ability to speed up protein synthesis makes this BCAA extremely popular among athletes and weightlifters. Where leucine promotes the essential muscle-building process of protein synthesis, creatine supports the production and release of insulin-growth factor or IGF-1. This is essential for an anabolic muscle tissue. (6) The other two BCAAS, isoleucine and valine, possess a unique anti-catabolic effect, which protects muscle tissues from being broken down and used for fuel. (5) BCAAs and creatine both support essential hormonal processes that trigger growth in lean muscle tissue. And, that’s not all.

Faster Recovery

BCAA and creatine don’t just boost performance and increase muscle growth, they also play an important role in recovery. After you’ve achieved those essential microtears for hypertrophy, both supplements deliver the right nutrients to support tissue repair and growth. Experts say BCAAs, which are rich in amino acids, are the building blocks of muscle tissue growth. They help speed up recovery by reducing inflammation and muscle soreness post workout (3). Creatine has also been shown to be incredibly effective at reducing the amount of time needed for recovery. In one study, subjects who supplemented with creatine reported less soreness and were found to be back to their optimal performance levels faster than the group who did not receive creatine. (4) Taken together post-workout, BCAAs and creatine have been proven to kickstart muscle repair and reduce soreness, so you reduce the risk of injury and continue improving your performance.

How Much BCAAs and Creatine Should You Take?

BCAA dosage depends on the intensity of your training program. Experts recommend taking two servings of each per day. If you’re training twice a day, take an additional serving.

When Should You Take BCAAs and Creatine?

Take one serving before a workout and another serving post-workout. If you have a third serving, take it before bedtime. Make sure you drink plenty of water–no less than 64 ounces when supplementing with creatine.
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