BCAA Xpress by Scitec Nutrition Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Are you working out regularly? Do you train fasted or do intermittent fasting? Looking for a recovery supplement that is low in calories? Then you need a good BCAA powder because the benefits show that BCAAs are essential for recovery and reaching your fitness goals. The BCAA we’re going to be reviewing today is called BCAA Xpress by SciTec Nutrition. This BCAA provides you with a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They claim it will;
  • Speed up recovery
  • Prevent muscle loss
  • and restore energy levels post-workout.
Can The SciTec BCAA Xpress deliver on improving your workouts or is it just another over-priced BCAA supplement? Here’s what we’re going to look at in this review:

What Is SciTec BCAA Xpress?

SciTec BCAA Xpress is a powder-form supplement that contains the scientifically-suggested serving ratio for BCAAs. Every half scoop serving provides you with 2.5 grams of leucine and 1.25 grams of isoleucine and valine. While there are nine essential amino acids, these three have been found to be especially useful for fitness results. According to SciTec Nutrition, when taken during your workout BCAA Xpress is capable of:
  • Improving muscle recovery via increased protein synthesis
  • Preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue
  • Aiding post-workout recovery
  • And reducing lactic acid build-up so that you can workout for longer.
The SciTec Nutrition website has BCAA Xpress listed for $39.99 with free shipping for orders over $50. You can easily find BCAA Xpress for a few dollars cheaper on other websites such as Amazon and Bodybuilding.com. The best price is usually on Amazon > It’s available here. WILLEDIT

Ingredients of SciTec BCAA Xpress

One serving of SciTec BCAA Xpress is based on a half scoop measurement; this provides you with the 2.5 grams of leucine and 1.25 grams of isoleucine and valine. Considering most BCAA powders require a full serving to get near these levels, this is impressive. Let’s dive into the BCAA Xpress formula.

Leucine (2.5 grams per serving)

BCAA Xpress contains leucine, perhaps the most famous of the branched-chain amino acids. Leucine has been the subject of numerous studies and its role in fitness performance and results can’t be understated. Leucine is quickly used up during your workout which is why supplementation is recommended. Leucine has been shown to benefit muscle recovery and promote muscle growth by increasing the process of protein synthesis. But that’s not all it can do; check out the other benefits of leucine here.

Isoleucine (1.25 grams per serving)

Isoleucine doesn’t have the same muscle-building power as its counterpart, leucine, but it can help with recovery in a big way. Isoleucine has been shown to be a valuable way to fuel your body during workouts. Isoleucine can increase the amount of usable glucose into muscle tissue. The result is more energy, less fatigue, and better performance. Isoleucine has also been proven to reduce muscle soreness post workout.

Valine (1.25 grams per serving)

The protector of the group, valine is an essential amino acid that is used as a way to shield your current levels of lean tissue. If you are on a calorie-restricted diet, perform fasted workouts, or commit to intermittent fasting every day, valine can be a huge help. Valine has been shown to prevent muscle catabolism or breakdown by focusing the usable source of muscle fuel to glucose, not muscle protein. Valine also helps with reducing workout fatigue and improving exercise performance. Curious what else valine can do? Check out the benefits of valine here.

SciTec BCAA Xpress Reviews

Reviews are few, but overall SciTec BCAA Xpress is well received on popular supplement review website such as Bodybuilding.com and Muscle and Strength. Commonalities in reviews about BCAA Xpress mention more energy and better recovery, matching two of the claims from SciTec. Muscle-building results weren’t mentioned, but this isn’t surprising since most people will review a supplement a few days after they receive, which is not enough time to notice anything more than perceived energy and performance. The downside to SciTec BCAA Xpress is the flavor. You’ll find that people either hate it or don’t mind it. With only two flavors to choose, cola lime and pink lemonade, SciTec often takes a hit in its ratings because of the lack of flavor options. With that said, supplements are meant to support your fitness goals. Sure, it’s nice if they taste great, but I don’t think that should be a make-or-break point for a supplement that works.

The BCAA Xpress Bottom Line

BCAA Xpress by SciTec provides a great source of three proven essential amino acids. At only 20 calories per serving, BCAA Xpress is ideal for the people who want to lose weight as much as it is for people who want to build muscle. With 100 servings per container you’re getting more than three months’ worth of a high-quality supplement at a price of no more than $40. It’s actually a really good deal. I highly recommend SciTec BCAA Xpress, but make sure you’re aware of the love-it-or-hate-it flavor. It might not taste the best, but it’s going to support those fitness goals of yours. You can get your supply of BCAA Xpress on Amazon here. (Have you tried BCAA Xpress by SciTec Nutrition? Let us know what you think of it below!)
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