D Bal Review – Will This Dianabol Alternative Really Help You Build Muscle?

D Bal Review
You’ve probably heard about D-Bal and now you’re wondering if it actually works right? I mean: Who doesn’t want the power of Dianabol without the side effects? As someone who has used real Dianabol I can tell you that it’s powerful stuff. And it will help you build muscle extremely fast. But in the end I decided to stop using real Dianabol because of the side effects. Then out of nowhere all of these Dianabol alternatives kept popping up for sale online. They promise to mimic the effects of the real stuff but without the negative side effects that come with it. I tried a few of them like and they were alright but they didn’t live up to the claims the makers were putting on the label. Then along came D-Bal by a company called Crazy Bulk. After using it myself and feeling the effects I can say: It definitely works and it’s the best alternative to Dianabol you will find. [su_highlight background=”#ffff99″]➡️ D-Bal is available for sale here.[/su_highlight] There’s a lot of people asking about it: Because it worked so well for me I’ve decided to write the post and tell you everything I know about it. Post contents: Let’s get started:

What Is D-Bal And Who Is It For?

D-Bal is the legal steroid version of Dianabol. It mainly helps your body to retain more nitrogen. The more nitrogen you retain the more anabolic you become. When your body is in a state of anabolism you will build muscle much faster than normal. Plus: It will also increase the rate of protein synthesis. This further speeds up the rate at which you’ll build muscle.

Who Shouldn’t Use D-Bal?

First of all it’s not for everybody. If you don’t want to gain muscle then don’t use D-Bal. Also if you’re expecting it to work better than real Dianabol then you will be disappointed. It’s around 50 to 75% as effective as the real stuff but that’s fine by me because there’s no side effects. Who Should Use D-Bal? If you want to;
  • Build muscle
  • Have great workouts in the gym
  • Increase your strength and stamina
  • Improve focus and motivation
  • Get a physique that you can be proud of
Then D-Bal will be a good choice for you.

My Results And Experience Using D-Bal

Before I started using D-Bal I was skeptical about whether it would work. To be honest I’m skeptical about the claims of most supplement makers. There’s so many scammers out there. And because I had tried some other Dianabol alternatives in the past that were pretty meh I wasn’t getting my hopes up about D-Bal. But the reviews were good so I ordered some and decided to give it a try. It only took a couple of days to arrive. The instructions say to take 3 capsules within 45 minutes of your workout. So that’s what I did. For the month I used it I treated it like a bulking phase. I ate an extra 500-1,000 calories per day and lifted weights almost every day. D-Bal isn’t something that works instantly. And for the first couple of days I didn’t feel a thing so I thought I had just wasted my money again. But I kept on taking it anyway because I read that it can take a little while for it to get to work. I’m glad I didn’t give up on it because after a couple of days I began to feel it kick in. First of all: I began to feel all charged up during my workouts. It was like there was something giving me a boost while I was lifting. And I had more focus and energy. I started lifting heavier and with more intensity. It’s the same feeling you get when you use real Dianabol. So I was like [su_highlight background=”#ffff99″]”woah, this stuff actually works.”[/su_highlight] But it was still early days so I wasn’t too sure whether it was a placebo effect or something like that. The next thing I began to notice was that I was getting a lot stronger. It felt like every new workout I was lifting heavier and heavier. And I started gaining muscle rapido. I remember sitting next to a friend after using D-Bal for a couple of weeks and he said “mate, you’re looking swole.” I also started to get more attention from the girls at work too. 😉 I guess when you’re looking and feeling good the people around you will notice too. [su_highlight background=”#ffff99″]My starting weight was 164lbs and 30 days later I was 175lbs so I had gained 11lbs.[/su_highlight] At least 2 thirds of that was muscle. I would recommend D-Bal to you if you want to build muscle and get a physique you can be proud of. Oh yeah and there were no noticeable side effects. Everything was smooth sailing.

How To Use D-Bal To Build Muscle So Fast You’ll Have People Thinking You’re Using Real Steroids

This is how I used D-Bal:
  • Eat 1-1.2 grams of protein daily per lb of lean body mass.
  • To prevent fat gain keep carbs below 200 grams per day.
  • Get the rest of your calories from healthy fats.
  • Eat 500-1,000 calories above maintenance per day.
  • I followed the BodyBeast program. But any bodybuilding workout program will do. As long as you lift heavy and with intensity.
  • I always did a 10 minute jog on the treadmill after lifting weights. It helps keep fat gain to a minimum without sacrificing any muscle.
  • I recommend training in the afternoons. When bulking I never worked out on an empty stomach and I always feel like my body is more warmed up in the afternoons. Truth is that you can workout at any time.
  • Always get a good sleep.
  • Use D-Bal
So that’s what I did! Pretty simple right? It may be simple but it works.

Recommended Supplements

Apart from D-Bal I also used the “build muscle stack” from Battle Ready Fuel. You can see the stack here. It contains;
  • Whey protein – (for super fast protein delivery to your muscles. Goes great with D-Bals increased protein synthesis.)
  • Creatine – for quick muscle growth and fuller looking muscles.
  • Multivitamins – for health and vitality.
  • Fish oil – to keep your skin fresh and your joints smooth.
  • BCAA powder – for quick recovery. Wake up feeling fresh and ready to workout again!
  • Pre workout – for even more intense training sessions.
Those are the supplements I use and apart from D-Bal are all you need. You can save $100 on the “build muscle stack” above through this link.

D-Bal Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked about D-Bal. Do I need to have a gym membership or can I workout from home? As long as you have access to a set of dumbbells then you are good to go. Sometimes I workout from home and sometimes I go to the gym. To be honest I much prefer to workout from home. So nope, you definitely don’t need a gym membership! I’m super skinny. Is D-Bal for beginners who want to gain muscle? Absolutely. D-Bal is very powerful but also safe enough for anyone who wants to gain muscle. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle. How long will it take to see noticeable results? Gaining a couple of lbs of muscle will make a big difference to your appearance. You can easily gain a few lbs within your first week so it doesn’t take long to see results. How long will it take to gain 10lbs of muscle? I would say between 1-2 months. If you are new to lifting weights then you will gain what’s known as newbie muscle and with the help of D-Bal you could gain 10lbs within a month easily. If you’ve been training for longer and have already built some muscle then an extra 10lbs may take 1-3 months. The difference 10lbs of muscle will make to your appearance is shocking. How long will it take to feel anything? D-Bal doesn’t work right away. It will take 2-3 days for the ingredients to build up before you feel the effects. What are the side effects? Sometimes I have a little bit too much energy while I’m using D-Bal. I’ll find myself tapping my fingers on my desk or I won’t be able to sit still. That’s when I know I’m about to have a killer workout. That’s not a negative side effect. But it can be annoying for others being around someone with so much energy. 🙂 And I’ve also found I sleep a little bit less because I woke up earlier while using it. But I didn’t feel like I got a bad sleep or anything. Apart from that I can’t think of any negative side effects to using D-Bal. What is the best workout program to combine with D-Bal? Good question. I like the BodyBeast program which you can do from home. To be honest though: When I’m using D-Bal the BodyBeast workouts become a little bit too easy. So I either do double workouts or add in my own sets to make it more intense. Will it help me burn fat too? It will help you build muscle while gaining the smallest amount of fat possible. It’s almost impossible to bulk and gain muscle without gaining a little bit of fat. Will I lose my muscle gains after I stop using D-Bal? No. Unlike real steroids D-Bal will help you gain real muscle that won’t vanish when you stop using it. As long as you continue to workout then you won’t lose you gains! How does this compare to real Dianabol? Well, it’s a natural supplement alternative so it’s not as powerful as the real thing. But don’t get it twisted. D-Bal may not be as powerful as the real thing but you will get incredible results with it. It’s about 50-75% as effective as real Dianabol. Where do I buy D-Bal? The only place to buy the real product is from the official website here. Are there any special offers? There are 3 D-Bal special offers that I know of:
  1. You can get it here for $59.99 instead of the usual $85
  2. If you buy 2 they will give you 1 free.
  3. They sometimes have a 20% off promotion running for extra savings.

The 6 Benefits Of D-Bal – Why Use It?

Here’s 6 reasons to use D-Bal:

➡️ #1 You Will Gain Muscle Extremely Fast

Imagine being able to build muscle 3 times faster. People will notice and you’ll swear blind that you’re not actually using steroids! People may even start coming to you for advice on how to build muscle and get in shape.

➡️ #2 You’ll Have Tons of Energy When Working Out

When I workout naturally I always feel like my energy runs out quickly. And I’ll often decide to not workout because I don’t feel up to it. But when you’re on D-Bal everything changes. You always feel ready for a workout and after the gym you’ll have tons of energy left over to enjoy your day.

➡️ #3 Post Workout Pumps

There’s no workout like a D-Bal workout. Get ready for intense lifting sessions that will leave you looking so pumped you’ll want to take a picture!

➡️ #4 Get Results Fast

You can’t just take D-Bal and do nothing. If you want to build muscle then you still need to workout and eat right. But with the help of D-Bal the whole muscle building process is much more sped up. Instead of spending 9 months bulking to gain muscle you can get the same results in 3. And that’s what makes it worth the money.

➡️ #5 No Side Effects

If real Dianabol had no side effects then it would be legal and everyone who wants to build muscle would use it. The would be no need for products like D-Bal. But unfortunately real Dianabol can be a real mofo in the side effects department. So D-Bal is a gamechanger in my eyes because there’s no side effects and it really feels like you’re using a lower dose version of Dianabol.

➡️ #6 Save Time And Money!

D-Bal is a lot cheaper than Dianabol. And because it helps you build muscle 3x faster your bulking phase doesn’t need to last as long. So you’ll save on things like whey protein and pre workouts and all the extra food you need to eat because you won’t need to bulk for as long. Let’s face it: Nobody wants to spend months on end trying to build muscle. So the fact that you can get amazing results in a third of the time means that not only will you save a lot of money but also a lot of precious time. You can then go out and enjoy your hard earned muscle gains after a couple of months instead of sweating it out in the gym for a year. Let’s move onto:

➡️ D Bal Reviews

Below are some D Bal reviews and results by real users: Are all the reviews positive? No. While searching I did find a few negative reviews such as: What I discovered was that when it came to the negative reviews most of the people leaving the reviews haven’t actually tried D-Bal. For example the guy above calls D-Bal a “complete con” but then he’s asked if he actually bought it: He replies: So he calls it a “complete con” without even trying the product. This seems to be a common pattern with the negative reviews. Here’s some reviews from guys who’ve used it:
I’ve used Dianabol in the past myself so I know what it feels like to use both Dianabol and D-Bal.

The short review is that D-Bal isn’t as powerful as Dianabol but it’s the closest thing you’re ever going to find that has zero negative side effects.

I’ve heard some people say that when they used D-Bal by Crazy Bulks they could feel it working right away.

Maybe it’s because I’ve used real steroids in the past so I’ve built up a tolerance but for me it took a couple of days for DBal to really kick in.

For the first couple of days I was like “this junk don’t work.”

But for the sake of this review I stuck with it and I’m glad I did because pretty soon I started to feel like I was using a moderate dose of real Dianabol.

Anyone who’s actually used real Dianabol knows what I’m talking about.

My gym sessions felt electric and “boosted” and I knew for sure that it was from the D-Bal.

Despite taking enough BCAAs to kill a small horse I always feel slightly sore the day after a workout but all soreness went away when I was using DBal so I was able to get some killer workouts in daily.

It’s quite hard for me to build muscle these days because I’m already muscled out but I was able to gain almost 3lbs in one month of mostly muscle.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were people out there using this D-Bal stuff and gaining 15-20lbs in a month on their bulk.

Maybe some of you will leave your reviews.

Anyway, that’s my review and I can’t recommend Dbal enough. It’s all natural and powerful.

To tell you the truth, with stuff like this for sale I don’t know why anyone would risk taking the real stuff anymore.

Alex from Iron Junkies

Unlike Alex I have never used real Dianabol but I have used DBal and I am extremely happy with my results.

I’ve gained 11 and a half pounds this month and I’d say a good chunk of that was muscle. Gonna buy another 3 bottles now.


Should You Buy D-Bal?

If you’re looking for something that’s as powerful as real Dianabol then you may be a little bit disappointed with D-Bal. But if you want something that’s almost as powerful and won’t mess you up with side effects then you will love this. To tell you the truth: If your goal is to build muscle fast so that you can get the sort of physique that makes guys jealous and has women bashing each other out of the way to come talk to you: Then you need to give D-Bal a try because after a couple of days it’ll kick in and you’ll be saying [su_highlight background=”#ffff99″]”holy sh*t. It actually works!”[/su_highlight]
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