Does Zinc Increase Testosterone? What You Need To Know!

Zinc is a micronutrient that is crucial for your health. It has many benefits, and should be taken by anyone who exercises at a high intensity as it is lost through sweat. But does zinc increase testosterone? Let’s find out. In this article, we’ll look at:

What Is Zinc?

Zinc can be found in many foods, particularly oysters. It is found in all the cells of your body, where it helps them to function. The body does not store zinc, so frequent intake is required. According to, 24-45mg is considered a high dose, while 5-10mg is considered low.

Does Zinc Increase Testosterone?

In short, yes. There are some situations where it is more effective than others. For example, when someone has very low testosterone levels (infertile), supplementing with zinc has been found to be effective. A 1981 study in the Archives of Andrology by Netter, Hartoma, Nahoul found that testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) rose significantly after oral supplementation of zinc. Out of 22 infertile patients, 9 wives became pregnant within a few months! But it’s not just men with low testosterone that can benefit from zinc supplementation. Even elite athletes can. High level performance involves a lot of hard work, and a lot of sweating. Athletes who train hard tend to lose a lot of zinc through their sweat. Because of this, they can be zinc deficient – which can lower testosterone. A 2006 study by Kilic et al on elite athletes found that taking 3mg/kg/day (very high doses) helped preserve testosterone during an exhaustive workout (levels dropped off in the placebo group). Another study in 2007 found that zinc supplementation can prevent loss of testosterone during exhaustive exercise in sedentary men. So it is not just athletes who can benefit from zinc! After looking at the evidence it seems clear that supplementing with zinc can help men with low testosterone and men who exercise at a high intensity to boost or maintain testosterone to optimum levels. Zinc will not further boost your testosterone, but no natural testosterone booster appears to do so. People on Twitter were quick to point out the benefits for building muscle as well as the aphrodisiac qualities of oysters, a common source of zinc.

Are There Any Other Benefits To Zinc?

There may be a slight benefit to taking zinc if you suffer from acne. Studies have demonstrated that taking zinc has a small yet significant effect compared to taking a placebo [5]. If you are obese and have a zinc deficiency, supplementing with zinc may help reduce LDL or “bad” cholesterol [6]. There may also be some benefit to taking zinc for other skin complaints such as psoriasis and viral warts. There may also be a slight increase in cognition.

Final Thoughts On Supplementing Zinc For Testosterone

Zinc appears to be an effective testosterone boosting ingredient provided you are currently low on zinc. If you exercise at a high intensity, or you are deficient due to poor diet, then a zinc supplement may very well lead to higher testosterone levels. There are quite a few other benefits to supplementing with zinc, particularly if you are suffering from certain skin complaints. Topical application of zinc may help reduce acne, psoriasis, and some warts. The cognitive boost is not something that is particularly well known, but could be a nice additional benefit to athletes or regular gym goers looking for more focus during your workouts.
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