How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs In 5 Simple Steps

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Last updated: Jul 23, 2018
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How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs In 5 Simple Steps

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Are you fed up with looking in the mirror every day and seeing your man boobs.

Don’t you wish that you could wear nice clothes and feel confident about the way you look.

To be around people and enjoy yourself, feeling confident and relaxed.

Instead you’re self conscious and you wonder if people are talking about you behind your back.

If you’re sick of wearing sweaters and baggy clothing to try and hide a chest you feel embarrassed about and you want to feel confident and happy with the way you look then this is the post for you.

Because today I’m going to reveal exactly how to get rid of your man boobs.

If you’ve ever tried to get rid of your moobs in the past then there’s a good chance that you probably failed.

It’s not your fault though.

The truth is that much of the information online about how to get rid of man boobs is completely wrong.

You’ve been told lies.

So stick with me here because I’m going to bust some lies and give you a step by step blueprint on how you can finally free yourself from your man boobs and start enjoying life again!

You’ve probably tried and failed to get rid of them in the past.

Today I’m going to bust some myths and give you a step by step blueprint you can follow to make those moobs disappear fast.

First of all It’s not your fault, moobs are caused by hormonal imbalances where your body is making too much estrogen the female hormone which causes you to store fat.

There’s so much conflicting information out there on how to get rid of man boobs and some advice can actually make the situation worse!

Myth/Lie 1 – You Need To Do Chest Workouts To Get Rid Of Moobs


I’m sure you’ve read somewhere before that to get rid of your man boobs you need to exercise your chest.

To do things like pushups and chest presses.

The truth is that unless you solve the root cause of the problem doing this may actually make the situation worse.

Sure exercise is good but man boobs are a thick layer of fat sitting on top of your chest muscles so by building up your chest you will only make the situation worse.

You want to make your man boobs shrink not get bigger right?

Myth/Lie 2 – You Need To Eat A Low Fat Diet


You hear it all the time.

If you want to burn fat and lose weight you need to eat low fat and high protein.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Studies show that low fat diets cause reductions in testosterone and increases in levels of estrogen.

This kind of diet makes you a prime candidate for man boobs.

Your body needs essential fatty acids that it gets from healthy fats.

By depriving yourself of healthy fats your body will slow down your metabolism and begin to store more body fat because it believes it is in a period of famine.

Don’t worry I’m going to tell you exactly what to eat in a minute.

Now we’ve got those 2 lies out the way I think it’s time to talk about..

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs Fast – The Step By Step Guide

Gif pic of steps

The system I’m about to share with you is simple, easy to follow and it works.

Here’s a recent testimonial from Karl who followed this system.

Hey, it’s Karl here and I just wanted to say thanks for posting your how to get rid of man boobs guide.

Your post was a real eye opener to me. I believed in those lies you talked about. I did pushups every day and ate low fat and wondered why I couldn’t get rid of my man boobs.

I followed your 5 step system and 6 weeks later my man boobs have shrunk to almost nothing.

Thanks so much man!


If you want to get rid of your man boobs fast here’s what you need to do;

  1. Supplement with Gynectrol – Get yours here
  2. Eat a low carb, high fat and moderate protein diet.
  3. Eat at a caloric deficit.
  4. Do a full body + HIIT workout while fasted.
  5. Meditate

So those are the 5 steps to getting rid of man boobs.

Now let’s get into it..

Step 1 – Supplement With Gynectrol To Balance Your Hormones


The main reason you have man boobs is because your hormones are all out of whack.

You’ve got too much estrogen and not enough testosterone running through your veins.

But don’t worry, this can be fixed.

A friend of mine turned me on to this product called Gynectrol by a company called Crazy Bulk.

He took it for a month without dieting or exercise and got great results.

It’s a supplement designed to target stubborn chest fat.

You can learn more about Gynectrol here.

Step 2 – Eat A Low Carb Diet


To be more specific I recommend a low carb, moderate protein and high fat diet.

When you limit your main source of fuel (carbohydrates) your body starts to burn off body fat.

When your hormones are in balance thanks to Gynectrol you’ll quickly start to burn off that stubborn chest fat.

For diet I would say go for;

  • 30-100 grams of carbs per day from vegetables and berries.
  • 0.8 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight.
  • Get the rest of your calories from healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil.

You can track your calories using

Here’s a typical day of eating..


Step 3 – Eat Less


Man boobs are basically just fat and to burn fat you need to lose weight.

That means you have to eat at a caloric deficit.

When I was following this strategy I ate 500 calories less than maintenance per day.

The best way to do this is to use something like a FitBit watch that tracks how many calories you are burning off.

If you’re burning off 2,500 calories per day then eat 2,000 for a nice 500 calorie per day deficit.

Step 4 – Fasted Workouts


Bro, if you want to get rid of those man boobs then I have 2 words for you.. “fasted workouts.”

When you do some exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach your man boobs have no choice but to shrink and tone up.

To feed your workout your body has to start burning it’s fat stores.

To get rid of man boobs I recommend HIIT training.

HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training

It’s basically where you do some kind of cardio really hard for 1 minute and then have a 1 minute break and then repeat the process.

A 20 minute HIIT workout can burn more fat than an hour of cardio!

Checkout some HIIT workouts here.LINK

Step 5 – Meditate


Meditate? For real?

Losing weight and getting rid of your man boobs can be stressful on your body.

You’re eating less and exercising more and this stress can lead to higher levels of cortisol.

Cortisol will try to slow down your metabolism and prevent you from burning fat.

20 minutes of meditation after your workout or in the afternoon can work wonders at reducing stress which helps you to lose weight faster.

I use an app called Pzizz. I just put my headphones on and lay still for 20 minutes and woosh the stress goes away.

Guys Who Got Rid Of Their Man Boobs Following This System

Since posting this strategy I’ve already been sent a bunch of testimonials that I want to share with you below.

REV:Hey, thanks for this. My chest has become a lot leaner lately since I’ve been following your advice./REV

REV:Just wanted to post a comment to say thanks and let you know that I was going through a bit of a depression with the way I looked so I started following these steps and in the past month I have lost 12lbs and my man boobs are a lot smaller.

I think another month and they’ll be gone and I’ll be in the best shape of my life./REV

What to do next..

Follow The 5 Steps & Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs Forever


First of all I recommend you bookmark this page so that you can come back to it whenever you need to.

Second – I recommend you checkout the Gynectrol reviews hereLINK because this supplement will balance out your hormones which is essential for getting rid of man boobs.

Then just follow the guide above by eating a low carb diet, doing some HIIT fasted exercise and reducing your calorie intake.

The system above worked for me and many other so just imagine how much better your life will be when your man boobs are gone and your confidence is through the roof!

If you have any questions about how to get rid of man boobs then ask below

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