Noxor Review

Noxor is a dietary supplement that is made for increasing workout productivity. The company presents this product as a “pre-workout solution” that boosts nitric oxide levels in the body. This supplement is marketed as the “Extreme NO3” formula, and the company seems confident in its ability. Noxor promises to increase energy levels, build lean muscle mass, and quicken the recovery process. The company also claims it can be a useful supplement to help users with mental focus and improvement in sexual functions.

Noxor Ingredients

The primary ingredients in this supplement include L-citrulline, Creatine, and L-arginine. L-citrulline is well-known for its ability to fight fatigue. Various research has shown that L-citrulline can fight fatigue by inhibiting the production of lactic acid. It helps to reduce muscle fatigue, pain, and it promotes your ability to endure heavy workouts. L-arginine is a powerful amino acid that can boost nitric oxide concentrations in the body. It assists in the secretion of hormones and also lowers inflammation. It regulates blood pressure while boosting physical performance. Creatine is among the most popular ingredients when it comes to bodybuilding supplements. Creatine is often used in steroids for its ability to improve recovery time, increase and strengthen muscles, and assist in sharp mental focus. Creatine is associated with negative side effects.

Recommended Dosage

The company suggests that users take two capsules every day, which is properly stated on the product’s label. A bottle containing 60 capsules is meant to last exactly 30 days.

Noxor Disadvantages

While the product claims to boost testosterone levels, there are no ingredients that can assist in hormone buildup. Increase in nitric oxide can lead to increase in testosterone levels, but the effect is limited. Also, this supplement doesn’t contain any estrogen suppressors. The company hasn’t provided any clinical testing to support their claims. Users might experience headaches, dizziness, and other similar side effects.

Should you buy Noxor?

Noxor looks to be a promising pre-workout solution. However, it’s not without its shortcomings. User reviews are a large indication of whether or not a product is effective. A lot of users have called this product a “scam.” There are way too many unhappy customers. While these accusations may or may not be true, we would like to suggest you steer clear of this product. (If you’ve used Noxor then leave your review below!)
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