Privacy Policy

At we care about your privacy so we’ve made this policy simple and easy to understand.

  1. We use Google Analytics which tells us your ip and location. Why do we use this? So we can see how many visitors we are getting on the website.
  2. When you leave a comment the name you use will be on public display. You are free to use a fake name. We will also require an email address which will not be on display but again you are free to use a fake email if you choose.
  3. When you leave a comment your ip will be cross checked with spam databases.
  4. When you leave a comment you ip, name and email will be logged in a secure file. You can contact us anytime at to request this file.
  5. is SSL secured for your privacy. This means that any information you leave on this site is encrypted for your protection.
  6. Any data we have on you will never be shared.

IronJunkies is a secure site. If you have any questions about security or privacy then shoot us an email at

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