Pro BCAA Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Pro BCAA is a popular BCAA supplement made by Optimum Nutrition. It has over a thousand reviews on its Amazon page and sports an “Amazon Choice” banner. Is it worth all the hype? Let’s break it down starting with the main selling points of this product. Here’s a list of specifics for Pro BCAA the company lists:
  • 11 calories per serving
  • 8g BCAAs per serving
  • 0g of sugar
  • 5 Flavors
This BCAA supplement doesn’t come in as many flavors as other brands we’ve seen. However, it doesn’t matter how many choices there are if you find a flavor you like. They list the following flavors on their website (they don’t list the fifth flavor):
  • Peach Mango
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Fruit Punch
  • Unflavored
The unflavored option is a good choice for anybody who doesn’t want to consume a load of artificial sweeteners. In this review, we’ll look at the following aspects:

Pro BCAA Price

At the time of writing, Pro BCAA was selling for US $21.37 ($1.07/serving) from Amazon for a 20 serving container. It was selling for US $24.99 ($1.25 a serving) from the company’s website. The average price of a BCAA supplement on is US $0.80 per serving, so Pro BCAA is coming in at a premium price. In fact, at the time of writing, it was more expensive than 193/231 BCAA supplements listed. Is it worth paying extra for this product? Let’s break it down further.

Pro BCAA Product Specifics

This BCAA supplement uses the standard 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to valine to isoleucine. The biggest difference between Pro BCAA and the competition is the amount of BCAA per serving. Pro BCAA includes 8g/serving while much of its competition only includes 5g/serving. You may be paying 50% more than the average BCAA supplement, but you’re also getting 50% more BCAAs per scoop. In the end, the price per gram of BCAA is about the same as the price of Pro BCAA’s competitors. Is there anything else in this product besides BCAAs? You’re also getting 230mg of vitamin C per serving. If you take a vitamin C supplement daily, this BCAA supplement may be able to replace it. Pro BCAA also includes 5g of glutamine per serving. It uses sucralose as a sweetener.

Ingredients In Pro BCAA

  • BCAAs: Hopefully you’ve already done your research on BCAAs, but if not, they basically increase your endurance and preserve muscle when you’re cutting. (1, 2). BCAAs may also help reduce fatigue through your workout (3).
  • Glutamine: L-glutamine is the most common amino acid circulating through your blood (4). Limited research shows that it may decrease post-workout muscle soreness (5). However, in the study cited above, participants were given much higher dosages (0.3g/kg of body weight) than the amount found in Pro BCAA.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is most famous for boosting your immune system. Supplementation may also reduce exercise-induced fatigue and decrease muscle soreness (6, 7).

Pro BCAA Reviews

Like we said in the beginning, Pro BCAA has received over 1,000 customer reviews on its page. What are customers saying? Mostly good things based on the average rating of 4.4/5-stars. This customer says he or she likes the product but wishes it came in a bigger container. This customer says it tastes like freshly made lemonade. They gave a 4/5-star review because it separates fairly quickly after shaking. Pro BCAA received a 9.1/10 review on This customer says that they’ve seen great results while using this product. They gave it a 10/10 review with the caveat that the raspberry lemonade is a little on the sweet side. This customer gave the fruit punch flavor the highest rating and the unflavored flavor the lowest rating.

Pro BCAA Bottom Line

Overall, Pro BCAA is a solid product that we recommend. It’s more expensive than the average BCAA supplement, but it also contains more BCAAs per serving than average. As a bonus, it also provides 5g of glutamine per serving. Most customers are saying good things about the flavors, but some customers find Pro BCAA a little sweet. If you want to save money, you could dilute each serving so that the taste isn’t as strong and the container lasts longer. Get yours on Amazon here. (Have you tried the Pro BCAA? Let us know what you think of it below!)
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