Six Star Testosterone Booster Review – Does It Work?

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Last updated: Nov 28, 2018
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Six Star Testosterone Booster Review – Does It Work?

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There are hundreds of testosterone boosters currently available to purchase, thanks to a huge increase in interest from the general public over the last ten years or so.

The testosterone booster from Six Star Nutrition is one of the lesser known supplements out there.

In this article we will be taking an in-depth look at the Six Star Testosterone Booster, looking at the company, the ingredients list, and helping you to decide whether this particular testosterone booster is for you.

Six Star Testosterone Booster

Quick Review: Six Star could be a beneficial supplement to take but as a testosterone booster it’s pretty mild.

You may feel some positive effects but there’s a good chance you won’t feel anything at all.

It’s quite cheap so it may be worth a try but there’s definitely better testosterone boosters for sale.

Six Star Nutrition

Six Star Nutrition is one of those supplement company that somewhat flies under the radar, this is despite their connections to the most well-respected supplement company in the US MuscleTech (both companies use the same researchers for their products).

But they are growing as a brand fast, and have got themselves some high-profile athlete sponsors.

Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots is one such athlete.

They also have Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City Thunder, Giancarlo Stanton who plays for the Miami Marlons, as well as Candace Parker, and Tobin Heath.

The company has been in operation since 2005.

In other words, this is not some small one-man-in-his-basement supplement company.

Six Star Nutrition are a big player in the supplement world.

Six Star Testosterone Booster

One of the first things that strikes us about Six Star Testosterone Booster is the fact that it is completely plant-based, making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans who want increased testosterone.

Studies have shown that vegetarians and vegans have lower testosterone levels than omnivores [1] so a supplement that can be taken by either is a really good idea.

That being said, many testosterone boosters are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Six Star are going to need to do a little more than that to stand out from the crowd!

There are three main promises made by Six Star when it comes to their testosterone booster:

  1. Boosted testosterone levels
  2. Maintenance of peak testosterone to cortisol ratio
  3. Enhanced performance

The third benefit is a bit of a non-starter, one of the main benefits of increased testosterone levels is enhanced performance – so they’re basically selling one benefit as two.

The product is based solely around the idea that Boron can increase testosterone, they do also have an anti-catabolic complex which is designed to reduce cortisol, but this does not boost testosterone – rather it reduces the risk of losing testosterone … which is not the same thing.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Ingredients Review

Six Star Testorone Booster ingredients review

The testosterone booster is split into two main complexes, the anti-catabolic complex contains Rhodiola extract and Ginkgo extract, while the free (active) testosterone simulator contains Boron citrate.

The supplement also contains 45mg of calcium.

Six Star give no explanation as to why calcium is included.

It can’t be for testosterone boosting purposes because

1) Studies have failed to find any increase in testosterone after taking calcium [2], and

2) If it did, Six Star would have pointed this out.

The first complex is the anti-catabolic complex.

  • Rhodiola rosea: Rhodiola rosea is an excellent ingredient, it has many benefits.
    Mainly, it can reduce stress, improve subjective wellbeing, and reduce depression [3]. It also has performance benefits, reducing the rate of perceived exertion during exercise, and also reducing muscle damage. Does it reduce cortisol? Well, a reduction in long-term stress should see a marked difference in cortisol levels, but we haven’t found a specific study that shows a link. On balance, we’d say that Rhodiola rosea is a good supplement ingredient to have, but it may not be an anti-catabolic ingredient.
  • Ginkgo: As with Rhodiola rosea, Ginkgo has many benefits, but the evidence that it reduces cortisol and works as an anti-catabolic substance are less certain. A 2002 study did find a reduction in blood pressure and cortisol when Ginkgo Biloba was taken prior to a stress test [4].
  • Boron: Boron is the main ingredient in this supplement, and the whole product is based around the belief that boron can increase testosterone. You would therefore assume that there was a lot of evidence to back up this claim. Sadly, there really isn’t. To be clear, we are not saying that Boron does not increase testosterone, in fact we believe that it might. But there is not enough evidence to say for sure. A 2011 study found that taking 10mg of Boron for 6 days led to a small reduction in estrogen and a statistically significant increase in testosterone [5]. But other than that one study, there isn’t much evidence to support it.

Many supplement companies tend to hedge their bets by using multiple ingredients that can boost testosterone, a shotgun technique if you will.

Whereas Six Star has put all of their testosterone eggs in one basket.

This is admirable, but the problem is that if boron turns out to be a dud (and testosterone boosting supplement ingredients are often found to be less effective once several more studies are undertaken) then their whole product is useless.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Reviews

As you will find with any testosterone booster, reviewers are split between those who “totally saw a difference” and those who claim it’s a scam.

The problem is that small increases in testosterone are almost impossible to measure without doing bloodwork.

You may feel a slight improvement in mood and better results in the gym, but these could equally be the result of the placebo effect and the new gym routine that you are following.

When we look at the reviews, we will look at what they liked/disliked about the products, rather than whether they worked or not.

A lot of customers were impressed with the value for money and the price of these testosterone supplements, though a couple (correctly) pointed out that they are basically just boron pills.

Six Star Bottom Line

The whole review hinges on whether boron citrate is effective at increasing testosterone.

If it is as effective as Six Star believe then this testosterone booster is excellent.

The addition of Rhodiola rosea and Ginkgo are nice additions, and will help improve mood, reduce stress, and potentially reduce cortisol.

If, however, boron is not as effective as Six Star believe then you’ve not got a great supplement, because the main active ingredient is not that useful.

Personally, we’d say that this is a potentially good testosterone booster, and (considering the price) it is well worth trying.

But more research on the effectiveness of boron citrate at boosting testosterone is needed before we can give this a full endorsement.

(If you’ve used Six Star then let us know in the comments what you thought of it!)

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