The 7 Best Pre Workout Supplements To (Level Up) Your Workouts

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Last updated: Dec 19, 2018
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The 7 Best Pre Workout Supplements To (Level Up) Your Workouts

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Why even take a pre-workout supplement?

Who needs more than just whey protein and creatine?

Let me tell you:

When I take a good pre workout the difference is night and day.

If I don’t take one I feel sluggish half way through my workout and throw in the towel.

But when I take one of the pre workouts listed below I feel energized and alive and end up having a killer workout every time!

So do you need a pre workout?

Well yeah. If you’re putting the time and effort into training then you might as well make the most of that time because a pre workout is going to help you feel great and get better results.

Plus if you’re past the newbie stage, you’ll find your gains are slowing and you may even be experiencing intermittent plateaus.

Recovery gets harder as you become stronger – heavier weights take a bigger toll on the body.

Once you’re no longer a newbie, working loses its novelty – your routine can sometimes seem a bit too routine.

No wonder your motivation sometimes flags.

For intermediate and advanced lifters, a good pre-workout supplement can be rejuvenating and light up your workout.

We’re not saying you’ll recapture newbie-type gains or steroid-like results.

But you can improve your recovery, make your workouts more enjoyable and noticeably boost your gains.

What Does A Good Pre Workout Supplement Do?

The first thing you’ll notice with using an effective pre-workout supplement is increased focus and motivation and improved mood.

You’ll want to work out, you’ll enjoy it and you’ll be less likely to get distracted by your phone between sets.

The next thing you’ll notice is that you have more energy and stamina.

You’ll get more reps with the same weight, and the weights and reps you lift in second, third and fourth sets of the same exercise won’t drop away as much as they normally do.

One very noticeable effect from a good pre-workout supp is your pumps will become powerful and will come earlier in your workout.

Pumps are fun and highly motivating, but more importantly they push nutrients and hormones into your muscles and set you up for accelerated gains.

Speaking of gains, a good pre-workout supp will also provide nutrients that reduce DOMS and help with recovery, so you get better growth and can attack subsequent workouts with more strength and energy.

The Key Ingredients Of The Best Pre Workouts

Different supplements offer different blends.

But a cutting-edge supplement will include several key ingredients:

  • Citrulline: For reducing fatigue and boosting workout capacity, increasing strength, delivering a powerful pump (via increased nitric oxide production), improving growth hormone production and protein synthesis and reducing muscle soreness.
  • Beta alanine: Increases endurance and performance, reduces fatigue, and increases muscle mass.
  • Caffeine: For energy of course!
  • Taurine: Improves physical performance, increases endurance when taken with caffeine, boosts recovery, boosts mood and motivation, and reduces the anxiety linked with high caffeine intake.
  • Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs): To increase endurance, increase muscle growth and help you recover faster.

Combining these nutrients works better than taking them separately.

For example, taking BCAAs with taurine helps reduce muscle soreness much more effectively than when taking these amino acids separately).

Citrulline and taurine both help increase blood flow and oxygen delivery – taking them together works even better.

Taurine is very important to health in very many ways, but using beta alanine can deplete taurine, leading to a deficiency, so it pays to take taurine along with your beta alanine.

Pairing citrulline with BCAAs can boost stamina and alleviate mental fatigue.

Hey, what about creatine?

No, we didn’t forget to mention creatine.

The omission was deliberate.

Recent studies – and reports from many serious lifters – show that there are good reasons for taking creatine AFTER workouts, rather than before training.

  1. the gains appear to be significantly better
  2. creatine draws water from the muscles, so taking it before training can cause cramping.

We are big fans of creatine, but we suggest you buy it separately from your pre-workout supplement and take it after training.

And without further ado, here are the best pre workout supplements you should be taking.

The 7 Best Pre Workouts To Turbo Charge Your Results

So here’s the need to know info. Starting with the best, our list includes:

#1 Battle Ready Fuel Pre Workout

From: The Battle Ready Fuel Pre Workout Powder is available here.

This blend delivers all our key ingredients.

It also delivers citrulline in a superior form – citrulline malate.

This is more stable in the human body than straight citrulline and the malate component has its own energy-boosting fatigue-reducing powers.

It’s also superior at reducing post-exercise muscle soreness.

Other ingredients include carnitine and CLA – which help break down fat for energy and improved body composition as well as glutamine and a synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals.

We found this supp delivered on its promises.

  • Focus and motivation
  • Energy and stamina
  • More strength
  • Better gains

Get your BRF pre workout here because it gets to work fast. You can really feel it kicking in within 10 minutes.

#2 Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk Pre Workout


This is a very good pre-workout product with all the key ingredients included in effective doses.

It delivers good results and runs a close second to our top-ranked product.

Like Battle Ready Fuels, Transparent Labs makes a point of using only high-grade ingredients.

We were very impressed with this supp, but our guys felt that Battle Rady Fuels gave even better results.

#3 Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged

From: Amazon here.

This is a very good supplement.

You will feel a surge of energy and strength using this blend.

It has all the key ingredients, plus tyrosine, quercetin, betaine, B6 and B12.

But there were two reasons why we rated it behind Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout.

  1. It includes creatine, which is better taken AFTER your workout, not before.
  2. It uses straight l-citrulline rather than the superior citrulline malate that first place-getter supplies.

We felt Pre-Kaged didn’t match the Battle Ready when it came to stamina and reducing DOMS.

#4 Evlution ENGN Shred Pre Workout

From: Amazon here.

This is a good product, but it’s a bit higher in caffeine than we prefer.

Our top-ranked product, Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout, has 250mg caffeine per dose, but Evlution Engn Shred is 20% higher at 300mg.

It also includes theanine, which helps make the caffeine buzz smoother, less jangly so that’s nice.

But we prefer Battle Ready Fuel’s lower dose of caffeine and its use of taurine to take the rough edges off the caffeine.

Unlike theanine, taurine boosts exercise performance.

It also works synergistically with citrulline and BCAAs to increase blood flow and reduce muscle soreness.

We found Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout delivered better pumps and recovery than Evlution Engn Shred but this is still a great workout and we’re being nitpicky. 🙂

#5 Legion Pulse Pre Workout

From: Amazon here.

Legion Pulse is similar to our #4 supp, Evlution Engn Shred, but even stronger in caffeine at 350mg.

Some of our guys thought Evlution Engn Shred and Legion Pulse had too much caffeine; some were okay with the Evlution supp but found the Pulse too strong; others were fine with both products.

If you have a huge tolerance for caffeine, one of these supps might be the one for you!

#6 Pre JYM

From: Amazon here.

A solid product that works well, but we didn’t rate it higher for two reasons.

  1. It includes creatine
  2. At 300mg, the caffeine dose is higher than we prefer, especially as the product includes neither taurine nor theanine to soften the impact of the caffeine.

#7 Vintage Blast Pre Workout

From: Amazon here.

This a good product with a sensible dose of caffeine – delivered in two stages for smoother release of energy – but it doesn’t include BCAAs or taurine.

Perhaps that’s why we found it doesn’t reduce post-exercise soreness as well as some of the other products.

What you can expect from using the best pre workout supplements?

If you use one of these supplements regularly, you can expect improved performance in your workouts – more energy, more stamina and more strength.

You will more focused and more motivated, and your pumps will be noticeably stronger, which will make your sessions more enjoyable.

Providing you eat well and get plenty of sleep, plateaus will be a thing of the past. You’ll get stronger, recover better and be raring to go at each workout. You can expect continuous improvement.

Use a pre-workout supplement regularly and you’ll have more fun in the gym and get better gains.

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