Universal Nutrition BCAA Stack Review – Worth Buying?

BCAA Stack by Universal Nutrition is a BCAA supplement designed for athletes looking to increase their endurance and preserve muscle. It comes in two flavors, lemon-lime and grape. In our review, we’ll look at:

Universal Nutrition BCAA Stack Features

According to the product’s Amazon page, BCAA Stack
  • Contains the perfect ratio of BCAAs
  • Has a delicious taste
  • Is sugar and carb free
  • Improves strength and recovery

Universal Nutrition BCAA Stack Price

If you’re looking for a cheap BCAA supplement, you may be interested in BCAA Stack. At the time we wrote this review, Bodybuilding.com listed 234 BCAA supplements. The average cost per serving of these supplements was US $0.80 per serving. One 250g container of BCAA stack costs US $19.23 ($0.77 per serving). However, subscribing to auto-delivery on Amazon drops the price to $18.27 ($0.73/serving). The cheapest option is to buy the 1000g container, which contains 100 servings. It’s selling for US $59.65 ($0.60 per serving). If you buy the larger container, this product is cheaper than 70% of the BCAA supplements on bodybuilding.com.

Universal Nutrition BCAA Stack Product Specifics

This product contains the same ratio and dosages of BCAAs as most other supplements: 2.5g of leucine, 1.25g of isoleucine, and 1.25g of valine. In addition to the three BCAA amino acids, this supplement also contains L-glutamine. There’s no sugar in this product, but it’s sweetened with aspartame. Your body metabolizes aspartame into methanol, which is toxic in large quantities (1). There’s research examining aspartame’s possible carcinogenetic effects, but results are still inconclusive. If you want to be safe and avoid aspartame, you may want to choose a supplement that contains sucralose as a sweetener.

Ingredients In Universal Nutrition BCAA Stack

  • BCAAs: All three BCAAs are essential, meaning that your body can’t produce them. Some people mistakenly take BCAAs with the intent of building muscle. However, research shows that BCAAs taken without other amino acids have little muscle building effect (2, 3). If you’re trying to bulk up, consuming a high-quality protein source like whey after your workout will have a bigger effect. BCAAs, especially leucine, can increase spare muscle when you’re in a caloric deficit (4, 5). So you may notice the most benefit from BCAAs when you’re cutting. BCAAs may also reduce post-workout fatigue (6).
  • L-Glutamine: L-glutamine is an extremely common non-essential amino acid. In fact, it’s the most common amino acid in your blood (7). Glutamine supplementation likely won’t affect your exercise performance (8, 9). However, some research shows that it may have benefits for decreasing post-workout muscle soreness (10).

Universal Nutrition BCAA Stack Reviews

This product has an average rating of 4.4/5 stars on Amazon.com. On bodybuilding.com, it received an average rating of 9.1/10. Customers gave the flavor an average rating of 8.7/10. This customer gives a realistic review of what to expect from this product. He or she says that it’s not a miracle supplement, but it may help you with your recovery. This customer also reported that the taste is decent, but it’s hard to mix in water with a shaker bottle. This customer said that they liked BCAA Stack overall, but that the container is smaller than it looks in the pictures. He or she goes on to say that there are superior products, but they cost significantly more. A. Watson says that BCAA Stack is one of the better tasting BCAA supplements that they’ve tried. He or she gave it 4/5 stars instead of 5/5 stars because this product contains aspartame as a sweetener. He or she said it mixes fine in a shaker bottle and that it’s one of the best tasting BCAA supplements on the market.

Universal Nutrition BCAA Stack Bottom Line

Overall, BCAA Stack seems like a decent product. If you buy the larger 1000g container, the price drops lower than the price of 70% of the BCAA supplements on the market. Overall Customers report that the taste is good. The biggest negative is that this product uses aspartame as a sweetener. If you want to avoid aspartame, you may want to stick to a BCAA supplement that uses sucralose. However, because of the low price and good customer reviews, we recommend this product. Get yours on Amazon here. (Have you tried the Universal Nutrition BCAA Stack? Let us know what you thought of it below!)
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